What is compound feed manufacturing?

Compound feed can be delivered with the purpose to serve as a complete feed, but also complementary feed, adding to feed materials available at farm level. Animal nutrition science lies at the basis of formulating the optimal feed ingredient mix to deliver protein, energy, fibre, minerals and vitamins to farm animals, meeting the farm animal’s nutritional requirements for optimal performance and health.

The key parameters of animal nutrition science used to be based on the crude content of proteins, fats and fibre. Nowadays, the indicators of animal nutritional requirements are based on digestible amino acids, bioavailability of minerals, micro ingredients (e.g. enzymes, gut flora stabilisers) and the identification and neutralisation of anti-nutritional factors. Innovative formulation can also be credited for reducing the exposure of livestock farmers to fine particles caused by the dusting potential of feed.

Compound feed processing technology has moved well beyond the simple milling and mixing of feed ingredients. The investment in heavy duty industrial equipment with high technological and “smart” power have over the years given feed manufacturers the capacity to operate specific processes with well-defined objectives. The grinding, pelleting, conditioning, coating and rumen protection all have their intended effects on animal performance, health, welfare, environment and animal product quality.