Press Release: The 9 Paradoxes of Farm to Fork

25 March 2021 – The European livestock sector presented today “The 9 paradoxes of Farm to Fork”, a call to actively participate in the current sustainability challenge to develop and implement an effective and adequate Farm to Fork strategy for Europe. Born from an initiative of Carni Sostenibili and European Livestock Voice, the series of videos was launched simultaneously in 7 European countries and languages: Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Poland.
The videos highlight the fact that despite good intentions, the Farm to Fork strategy does not take into consideration the actual situation and challenges of the livestock sector. They reflect the will of the whole chain to be actively involved in the great green transition process, now in progress.
The paradoxes identified reflect misconceptions and prejudices surrounding the livestock sector in terms of the environment, health and the economy. They reveal inaccuracies in the understanding of:
– The nutritional value of meat
– The consistency of land use for livestock farming activities
– The environmental sustainability of the European livestock chain
– The economic impact of the sector
– The protection of animal welfare
– The use of natural vs chemical fertilizers
Job security and employment in rural areas  
The gastronomic and cultural heritage of animal-source products
– The security and availability of our food products

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