The Paradoxes of the Farm to Fork Strategy

The EU Commission launched their strategy – The Green Deal in 2019. The Green Deal has the ambitious target to make the EU climate neutral by 2050 by making energy, transport, and buildings greener, improving air, water, and soil quality, producing healthier food and sustainable agriculture.

For the European Livestock Sector, the most important part of the Green Deal is the Farm to Fork strategy, which consists of 27 initiatives, many of them with very ambitious targets. The EU Livestock Sector has not been sufficiently consulted however during the devlopment of this strategy, which is quite problematic since there is a lot of sustainability expertise within this sector.

Why is this? Why has the European Livestock sector not been one of the most important stakeholders in developing the Farm to Fork Strategy? One explanation is that people living in urban areas – the majoirty of people today – have a distorted picture of how food like meat, milk, and eggs is produced.

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